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Dive Industry Foundation, a Non-Profit, 501(c)3 Tax-exempt, Charitable & Educational Organization is conducting the Manufacturing Sales Rep Profile.  All information is strickly held confidential and used only to determine Industry Norms and Trends.  No individual responses will be shared with anyone.  All participants receive a Summary Report and your industry standing.  Please donwload the Profile and mail your answers to Dive Industry Foundation, 2294 Botanica Circle, West Melbourne, FL 32904.


Northeast Local Diving Summit

Dive Local – Dive Often

By Rick Stratton
April 27, 2016


Two divers do a back roll off the dive boat next to a high banked cliff. The cliff face drops quickly: straight down into a seeming abyss. On and within cracks and recesses of the wall are countless species of marine life: colorful urchins representing a wide spectrum of colors and hues poke out; yellow, red, and purple sponges adorn every crevice; white metridium anemones protrude from the wall, gently swaying; and purple tube worms stick up their heads, their delicate petals bringing even more enormous color to the spectacular dive.

The divers are spellbound and raptured by the color and complexity of the biosphere; but it ends too quickly. Back on the dive boat, the next few minutes are spent getting out of gear, hanging up suits, and exchanging high fives for a dive well done. Just five minutes later, the dive boat pulls up to a local sea side pub. The pair walk into the pub and sit down for a cold beer. One looks at the other and tips his glass. “Thanks for talking me into this,” he says. “It was amazing!”

That is the allure of local diving.

Local Diving is the Heart of our Industry

While local diving is often much maligned and undervalued in the diving industry compared to its much fairer stepsister, tropical diving, it has the advantage of immediacy and proximity. It is much more accessible and therefore much less expensive to do. Moreover, local diving offers a social aspect of the sport: the ability to connect and bond with other local divers who share the same passion and wonderment of the aquatic world. As locals share these benefits with newcomers to the sport, or even those who are on the fence, it creates more demand for dive centers, certification agencies, and manufacturers. Promoting local diving is a win-win for everyone.

Highlights of the Dive Industry Summit in New Jersey

On March 31, 2016 the third local diving industry summit was held in Secaucus, New Jersey. As part of the Beneath the Sea show, the second annual event was well attended with more than 40 attendees and more than 40 more regrets who could not attend but wanted to be involved. This was a significant increase over last year and a very positive sign.

The feedback on the summit was extremely positive with the most common accolades going to the speakers for their terrific presentations and unique view points on the longevity of local diving and concerns facing the industry. Dave Valaika, owner of dive center Indian Valley Scuba, shared his perspective and the innovations his company has implemented in these challenging times. Founder of scuba park Dutch Springs, Stuart Schooley, spoke about his experiences in changing Dutch Springs marketing over the past 20 years to help draw attention to the park’s scuba opportunities. Local diver and historian Dan Lieb presented his experiences in sharing the passion for local diving. Ryan Patrylak, President of SECONN Dive Club, discussed how the club has turned around in recent years by recognizing the value of newer, younger members. Author and designer Jennifer Idol, best known for being the first woman to dive in all 50 U.S. states, shared her drive for local diving, specifically in the Northeast, and what diving locally does for the industry.

End of Year Report - December 31, 2017

Dive Industry Association, Inc.  - End of Year Report 2017.  It was a very productive year for our Association and its Members.  The coming year, 2018, is promising to be one of our best years ever. 

Orlando, Florida - Sep 6-8, 2018

Exhibits at Surf Expo: Surf Expo will open its doors on September 6th for three days of watersports equipment and fashion apparel. Over 4,000 brands will be represented.



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