Bob Hollis - 2012 Diving Pioneer

Bob Hollis Selected as Beneath the Sea's 2012 Diving Pioneer: It is with great pleasure that Armand Zigahn, Founder and Executive Director of Beneath the Sea announces the choice of Bob Hollis, Founder and CEO of Oceanic as Beneath the Sea's 2012 Diving Pioneer.


Southern Boating Swimsuit Issue

Advertise in Southern Boating Annual Swimsuit Issue.  Time is running out for you to advertise in southern Boating Annual 25th Anniversary Swimsuit Issue.  Exclusive "opposite" pages still available.


Rolex & OWUSS Announce New North American Rolex Scholar

Rolex and Our World Underwater Scholarship Society Announce that Ms. Megan Cook, 24, of Kailua, HI has been selected as the Our World Underwater Scholarship Society's 2012 North American Rolex Scholar.


Megan Cook New Rolex Scholar


Megan Cook, 24, was raised in Boise, Idaho more than 500 miles from the nearest ocean. Growing up in an athletic, water-loving family, she developed a zest for adventure and respect and curiosity about the natural world long before the ocean came into her life. An inspired first-grade teacher first fostered Megan’s ocean interest with crayon-scribbled current patterns, marine life stories and shell math. As other kids made “grown up plans” to become firefighters, business leaders, or sports stars, Megan knew she and the sea were meant to be together. At age 16, Megan was selected as the top international ambassador of a young women’s leadership organization. Traveling nearly 100,000 miles worldwide, Megan gained confidence as a spokeswoman and presenter and broadened her goals for the scale of impacts she hopes to make in the world. This experience will also prove invaluable to her Scholarship year as she is already an old pro at napping during layovers on awkward airport benches.


Business Start-up

Starting a Business in Watersports - 6 Point Plan

* The starting of a business is a serious undertaking and degres of success vary from business to business and person to person. There are no guarentees in business and there is always the chance you will lose your initial investment. Dive Industry Association does not give legal or financial advice. We stronly suggest you seek consel from a Business Attorney, a Financial Advisor and a Marketing Professional. A good start will be your local SBDC.

Assemble your Team of Advisors (Business Attorney, Accountant or CPA, Business Consultant specializing in Diving and your Spouce!). Meet on a regular basis during the process.

Business Start-Up 6 Point Plan

  1. Personal Assessment - Do you have what it takes to start a business?
  2. Feasibility Study - Is there a market for your products?  Ca you sell enough profitable products to enough profitable customers?
  3. Business Plan - Have you thought out all the details and written them down?
  4. Financing Your Business - Can you raise sufficient capital to fund the start-up properly?
  5. Action Plan - Ready, Set, Grow!
  6. Exit Strategy - At what point do you call it quits?



Professional Development - Surveys

Professional Development - Marketing: Surveys are Important to Us 

by Gene Muchanski

When was the last time you surveyed your customers? Do you know why they purchase from you? Do you know why the ones who don't buy from you, buy from your competitor? Do you know what is important to your customers? If you don't, the solution is simple. Ask them. 

Many times we, as an industry, seem to operate in a vacuum. Maybe it is because there are many qualified and talented people in our business with a lot of diving experience. When we create products, sell products, recommend products or teach people how to use them, there is a tendency to inject our personal bias. Sometimes a little too much! Giving our customers the benefit of our opinion and experience is a good thing but failing to find out what is important to them is a sure sign of arrogance, ignorance and an over inflated ego. It also leads, in most cases, to a lost sale and a non-returning customer.

Since the early 1980's pressure selling gave way to the age of modern marketing. In the old days, we created products we thought were fantastic, filled our warehouse with inventory and sent our sales "force" out to sell the products to an unsuspecting public. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it resulted in a warehouse full of unsalable stuff that the public didn't need, didn't want, and wouldn't buy.


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Orlando, Florida - Sep 6-8, 2018

Exhibits at Surf Expo: Surf Expo will open its doors on September 6th for three days of watersports equipment and fashion apparel. Over 4,000 brands will be represented.



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