2012 Progress Report

Dive Industry Association Makes Great Progress in 2011 and Agressive Plans for 2012:  This is an open letter to Members that have renewed their Membership with Dive Industry Association for 2012.  Our Members are helping to "Build a Better Dive Industry" by joining the Dive Industry Association and working to make their business more professional, more productive and more profitable.  They are committed to providing the best valued services to the diving public and adhear to a professional code of conduct.  Since our beginning eleven years ago, 306 Businesses and Individuals have committed to "Building a Better Industry, One Member at a Time." 


Year 2012: What’s New & Different This Year? We continue to focus on supporting our Members to help make them more Professional, Productive and Profitable.  We continue with our commitment to face-to-face marketing at Consumer Dive Shows as part of our Marketing Strategy and will exhibit at Our World Underwater, Beneath the Sea, and the Dive & Travel Expo Tacoma. DIA will continue to sponsor & exhibit at the two Surf Expos and sponsor & exhibit at 5 Travel & Adventure Shows. We are looking into expanding into other watersports related shows. DIA is investing heavily in better and more effective web sites and has added a new one exclusively for the 2012 International Trade Publication & Directory www.DiveIndustryDirectory.com Our monthly electronic Newsletter, The Dive Industry Professional will continue to be published every month. We will work on getting it out in the first week of the month and making it work with our web site so that we can reduce the broadcast down to 3 pages. We stated publication of the Weekly News, a press release service that goes out every Tuesday.  We will continue to support the Dive Industry Foundation and oversea the annual Retail & Sales Rep Surveys in addition to running business development programs. We’ve added a Lifetime Membership Category and will use the proceeds for long-term investments. Members can now upgrade their Standard Business Membership to a Premier Business Membership.

Lifetime Memberships Available: Your business can become a Lifetime Member for a one-time fee of $1,000. Proceeds are earmarked for our long-term investments and $100 per year is withdrawn to pay your annual dues. We use these returns to invest in the watersports community.

Trade Web Site: Our Association has one main trade web site: www.diveindustry.net The purpose of the web site is to give our members maximum marketing exposure to bring them more business. Everything on this site is designed with our Members in mind. Our Home page is changed frequently to keep the general public up-to-date on the Association’s activity. Our Membership page explains your current member benefits and has an application for new members to join. This is an excellent place to refer your fellow industry professionals to. All of our Members are listed in the Directory. Our Shows & Events page lists all of the important trade and consumer dive shows throughout the United States and abroad. Do you ever have the need to hire employees for your business? Please use our free employment search and we’ll post it to our Employment page. Our Classified page lists fixtures, equipment and inventory bargains from businesses that have decided to close. Our Newsletter page is our library of past issues of the Dive Industry Professional, our Newsletter. Our Promotions page details all of our current promotions that we are running.

Non-Profit Web Site: The Dive Industry Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, tax-exempt, charitable organization that is the training arm of our association. It has its own web site at http://www.diveindustry.org and its own mission. You’ll see your business listed in the Directory. The Shows & Events page is international in scope.       For information on making a tax-deductible contribution to the Foundation, please see the Donations Page.

Consumer Web Site & Newsletter: The Dive Industry Association has developed a consumer web site to attract new business to you. It is the connection to the consumers that our trade has needed for many years. The web site address is http://www.UnderseaShowcase.com The purpose of the web site is to identify and attract certified divers and potential divers. Your comments on this web site are encouraged.

Our electronic Newsletter, The Water Sports Enthusiast, will keep them current on everything that is good in our industry. Want to reach this market? Give us a call.

Trade Newsletter: Our Association Newsletter, The Dive Industry Professional, is published electronically every month. You automatically receive the electronic version via your email address sent through Constant Contact. If you are not receiving this newsletter, please let us know. If you have anything that is news worthy, please feel free to send it to us. We do not charge our members on space available inserts.

Each edition since 2009 has been archived, in its entirety, so they can be downloaded. We are working on archiving all newsletter editions prior to 2009. We would like to give you as much exposure as possible, and will gladly feature your company in the “Company Profile.” Please take a look at our past Company Profiles on the trade web site. We welcome you to submit a one-page story about your company, include a company logo, and a picture of you, a product, or your building. We’ll even help you write the article.

DIA Trade Directories (Print): As part of your Membership, your business is listed in three Directories: an annual Trade Directory, the Monthly Trade Directory, and a Consumer Handout Directory.

Annual Trade Directory: Our Annual Trade Directory is published and circulating world-wide. Inclusion in the directory is free to members. Please make sure we have a 3-5 line statement of what your company is. There are advertising opportunities in this publication. Our 2012 Annual Trade Directory is available electronically, in print and on it’s own web site, www.DiveIndustryDirectory.com

Monthly Trade Directory: We publish a monthly 15-page Member Directory that is given to individuals and businesses in the trade. We make them available to every exhibitor we meet at the consumer dive shows. This directory is also made available to any Industry Professional we come in contact with throughout the year.

Consumer Handout Directory: We hand out the 4-page directory to consumers at all of the dive shows we attend or exhibit at. That amounts to thousands per year.

Regional Dive Consumer Shows: We are a strong supporter of the Regional Dive Consumer Shows. In 2012, we will be exhibiting at the Our World Underwater, Beneath The Sea and Dive & Travel Expo. Our main reason for exhibiting at these shows is to promote our Members to the dive community and bring them more business. Your business directly benefits from our presence at these shows. As part of your membership, we hand out copies of our four-page Directory to all of the consumers. We also offer co-op marketing opportunities at these shows. We will display and hand out your brochures to the consumers at the show for a co-op fee of $100 per show plus one giveaway (for the year). The names we collect from the giveaways are put on a database and sent to you.

Dive Trade Shows: The Dive Industry Association conducts a campaign to bring more traffic to your booth at the Dema Show. In 2008, DIA gave away over $5,000 worth of prizes to the Dive Retailers who participated in a co-op advertising campaign with DIA and our Exhibiting Members. A sample postcard has been included in your package. We are conducting the campaign again in 2011 but will be changing the audience to all of last year’s attendees instead of just qualified Retail Buyers. The cost of program has not yet been determined but we will let you know as soon as possible. For additional information, go to www.diveindustry.net/promotions.htm.

Surf Expo - Watersports Trade Show: The Dive Industry Association is proud to be the Dive Association Sponsor of the Dive Pavilion and exhibitor at Surf Expo in Orlando, Florida. The Surf Expo features Surf, Windsurf, Kitesurf, Swim, Waterski, Wakeboard, Skate, Apparel (Resort, Club Level, SHE) and now Dive! Qualified Retail Buyers are admitted to the show for FREE. Exhibitors can contact Amy Hornby at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for information on Surf Expo - September 2012.

Travel & Adventure Shows: The Dive Industry Association is an Association Sponsor of the five Travel & Adventure Shows run by Unicomm. The shows attract over 70,000 qualified travel agents and consumers seeking unique and authentic travel experiences. DIA is promoting diving to this lucrative niche market. Contact Chris Wayne at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call him at 203-878-2577 x 101. For more information, go to their web site at http://www.adventureexpo.com

Regional Rep & Retail Trade Shows: A new trend in the diving industry for Manufacturing Reps to meet with their Retail Dive Center accounts is the Regional Rep & Retail Trade Shows. We promoted the concept in New Jersey in 2004 and it was a big hit. We now have the time and resources to conduct them and are willing to talk with any regional group that wishes to bring the concept to their territory. This is an example of an association meeting the needs of its member base.

Press Release Service: Your association has made some headway with the industry media. Frequently we send them press releases and have had a few included in their publications. As a benefit to our service organization members, we will include your press releases when we do a PR mailing. We limit the press releases to one page per mailing. You can send us the finished press releases and we’ll do our best to get your information in the hands of the industry media.

Mailing Lists: Dive Industry Association, Inc. does not give, rent or sell its mailing lists or industry databases, with the exception of our world-wide listing of Retail Dive Centers to Premier Members

Consulting Services: In every company, there are positions for a Marketing Director, Sales Manager, and Product Manager. The larger companies have people in these slots. Smaller companies usually have one person doing all three jobs. For a nominal monthly charge, we have qualified people who can fill these positions for you on a part-time basis. Often it is more profitable to out-source these positions than to hire full time employees. Please let me know how we can help your company achieve its full potential.

Take Your Business to the NxLevel: Through the Dive Industry Foundation and Certified NxLevel Instructor & Coach, Gene Muchanski, your business can enroll in the most powerful business program for watersports businesses today. In your package is a brochure from the NxLevel Foundation. It explains the history of this remarkable Educational Foundation and how it helps businesses grow and succeed. We teach the NxLevel for Entrepreneurs and NxLevel for Start-ups. You have three options to grow your business. 1) Home Study Option with one-on-one Coaching. You’ll receive all course materials and your Coach will work with you one chapter at a time. We suggest completing one chapter per week for 12 weeks. Your cost for this option is only $600. 2) Arrange for a course to be taught at your business and we’ll present it to your Executive and Marketing Staff. At a minimum, two full days are needed to complete the 12-session course. Maximum number of days to run this program is six. Call for pricing. 3) Contract with Dive Industry Association to complete the program for your business, as a Marketing Consulting Project. Call us for details specific to your business needs and projected outcomes you want to achieve.

Take the HyperGrow Your Business Challenge: DIA conducts a ten part series to help you grow your business. The course is home study based. Once a week or once a month for ten sessions, we will explore the Laws of HyperGrow, using Curt Clinkinbeard’s book and workbook in addition to his PowerPoint presentations and Dive Industry Association’s application recommendations. Your cost for the entire program is $120.

Referral Campaign: This year we have started a "Circle of Influence" Program.  Not only do we pay a 10% commission for all new memberships referred to us by our members, Starting this year, Members will continue to receive a 10% commission on any renewing Member they have referred.  This is one way to reward Members who estabish a "Circle of Influence" in our Association and actively work to promote membership in the Dive Industry Association.  Make sure your company name gets listed as the “referred by” business on the Member Application Form. Please feel free to make copies of our Membership Application and pass it on to anyone you know that would benefit from membership in our association.  See our Executive Director for full details on the program.

Dive Industry Foundation: We support a non-profit, tax-exempt, educational foundation called the Dive Industry Foundation, IRS 501(c)3. Our mission is to bring economic development to the water sports community through small business seminars and workshops. Donations may be made to the Foundation to help us “Promote Economic Development in Water Sports.” More information can be obtained at the Foundation’s new web site, www.diveindustry.org

We Support other Non-Profit Organizations: We raise funds for worthwhile non-profits and we ask that you consider supporting them with your financial gifts. Donations can be made through the Dive Industry Foundation, for a full tax-deductible contribution. All donations are equally divided between the following organizations unless you want your donation to go to a specific non-profit. Supported non-profit organizations are Dive Industry Foundation, Diveheart Foundation, and Our World-Underwater Scholarship Society. Thank you in advance for your generosity.

Support the Ultimate Diver Challenge: Pam Bertrand has worked tirelessly to promote scuba diving around the world. Help Dive Industry Association rally around Pam to support and promote this fine diving activity. For more information on the 2012 event, contact Pam at http://www.ultimatediverchallenge.com

If you have any questions contact Gene Muchanski, Executive Director at: Office phone: 281-554-2025. Cell: 832-247-5315.  email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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