Miss Scuba Releases Signature Mermaid Necklace

 Miss Scuba just released their Signature Mermaid Necklace, revamped with a DIVE charm, a Rutilated Quartz Gem and engraved with a good reminder "Never Hold Your Breath!" for the 2013 dive season.




Hand-made, sterling silver artisan jewelry from the Miss Scuba Jewelry Collection.  The image of the Mermaid, the sea-swelling half-woman, half-fish, has been an endearing and popular one; the 'great fish of the ocean', rising out of the sea each day and disappearing back under the waves each night.

Simply cool beach and travel jewelry. Wearing it will make you feel light hearted and adventure hungry.

This piece reflect's the artist's sense of mystery and individuality and beckons the free spirit in every self-made woman.

Hand-crafted by the both gifted artisan and youngest female PADI Course Director in the world, Szilvia Gogh celebrates the natural and empowers the individual. The artist?s extensive diving experience
melded with studies at the prestigious Budapest Art Institute spawned a beautiful complementation of natural tranquility and style with subtle European flavor. Each hand-crafted piece reflects the artist?s sense of mystery and individuality, and beckons the free spirit in every self-made women.

Shop it at www.miss-scuba.com

Warmest regards,

Szilvia Gogh
Founder of Miss-Scuba
PADI Course Director, Travel Agent, SAG/Stunt/Water Safety
Cell: 818-359-8236  Fax: 818-286-1513
1915 Lincoln Blvd, Venice CA 90291

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