Bottom Crawlers Apparel Sales

Retail Dive Centers that sell dive-related apparel enjoy robust sales.   Retail Surf Shops discovered a long time ago that apparel sales account for the majority of the store's revenue.  And for good reason.  The average surfer may buy a surfboard or a new wet suit every five years but will buy new shirts, shorts, shoes and accessories all year long.  Scuba divers are no different.  If a Dive Center carries apparel that appeals to their customers, their sales will increase to the point of becoming a major profit center.

Logoed T-shirts are considered more of a marketing tool for Dive Stores or Dive Operators in a high traffic tourist area.  Most divers will purchase a $20 T-shirt from a Dive Operator as a souviner of their dive trip.  Especially if they had a good dive experience.  Having your shop logo on the shirt kills two birds with one stone.  You make a little profit on the shirt and you get some free advertising from the Diver. 

Selling high-end apparel is a different story all together. Quality apparel products should not double as a marketing tool to promote your store.   Bottom Crawlers Apparel Company never takes the place of marketing tools that promote your business. We don’t compare Bottom Crawlers Brand T’s to a local retailers T’s for some very simple reasons. Bottom Crawlers is a worldwide lifestyle brand, consumers prefer our design, quality and are willing to pay a little more for a well know brand name. We make and sell Bottom Crawlers Brand Apparel and Accessories to all kinds of retailers in 8 countries to accommodate our growing brand loyalty.  As the taste for life style clothing grows in the diving community, high-end apparel is making its way into the dive centers.  Bottom Crawlers is an excellant exapmle of good looking, good fitting apparel.

Our retailers enjoy a larger than normal profit margin but we only give suggested MSRP’s.  They set their own pricing based on their customers and the location of their stores. While adding name drops does add to the costs of our great products, it only makes sense for retailers to do this for Tourist Shirts, otherwise the shirts become costly as a marketing tool. When placing products in a retail store not everything that is sold is a marketing tool, and Brand Name clothing is one item that should be considered for the sole purpose of increasing sales. We sell to many retailers in many markets as a stand alone product and I would hate to see you miss out on the opportunity just because you wanted another marketing tool.

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